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The Art Machine:
TAM is
my novel/blog about the art world.

This is, actually, my personal Twitter

The Art Machine on Facebook:
If you’re not looking at TAM on Facebook, you’re missing out
on a stream of consciousness that allows
a behind the scenes peek at what TAM is thinking about,
what TAM has on radar; and what TAM has posted recently.

The Art Machine on Instagram:
A pretty random assortment of pix.
Some you will find used as illustrations in my articles and posts.

I have been a contributor to
and am very proud of my column called
How To Talk About Art.
Here’s my author page.
Check out: How to talk About Oscar Murillo

First Blush
Demystifying Cosmeceuticals:
First Blush addressed the claims of cosmeceuticals
and the science behind the latest developments in the industry.
It is on a back burner these days.

My Fabric Project is a favorite sideline.
I post new designs for purchase on

Inspired Design:
Galatea, my latest project, is a collection of my best home decor and fashion prints. Geared toward home decor and fashion professionals, Galatea prints are scaleable and custom colored for your projects.

My LinkedIn is sort of redundant if you’re here.

You can find most of my clips through Contently,
however, it’s a rattlebag!
If you are looking for a particular subject,
or would like to see some clips, it is probably best
to check my author pages, listed below:

Author Pages

Gallery intel
The Huffington Post
The New York Observer
Christies Fine Art Storage Tumbler
Art Antiques Design


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