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First Blush |Demystifying Cosmeceuticals

Likely you’ve seen your share of magazines and blogs that review and rate cosmetics. Most of them are full of chit chat about the authors and their experience with the freebies they get for review. They often come off as cute and fun but rarely offer very much in the way science. That is to say, most of what the lay person reads about cosmetics is not for the intellectually inclined, the genuinely curious, or the curmudgeonly — all of which are very laudable traits in my view, and very worthy of catering to.

If you are one of the worthy few who have no time for the “it can’t hurt” and “if it makes you feel good” kind of health and beauty journalism, First Blush is dedicated to you.

My readers are smart. They may be vain and looking for a great BB, CC, hell MM or ZZ cream; they may be a longing to believe in non-surgical facelifts, but they are genuinely curious about what works and why, when to pay a fortune and when to opt for baby oil.

First Blush promises to be serious about your beauty. I will look into the science behind the claims, the implications buried in the product label, the marketing of these products and its effect on cost, and the alternatives to high-priced overly-branded snake oils.

That said, I am not here to debunk all claims. There are lots of promising cosmeceutcals on the market these days. Here, for now, is a perfunctory list of things to be excited about:

  • AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) for instance are great and we all know it by now — surface removal just plain adds brightness and provides some deep cleaning.
    And there are moisture loss prevention products hitting the shelves, many of  which make reasonable claims to moisture retention!
  • There are geometrically multiplying brands and versions of SPF infused BB and CC creams, some of which turn into tints when warmed by the skin…
  • Also growing are the labels that contain “calming” ingredients some of which offer tints and cover-up shades as well.All of these are successful in delivering on promises which used to be out of reach!

On the fakey fakey wakey wakey side, I’m will be doing my first series of posts about the inclusion of “stem cells” in a rapidly growing category of  vERY overpriced creams and serums.

I hope this serves for now as an introduction to what First BLUSH will develop into as I build the blog and write the first four or five articles.

Let’ see where this road takes us.


Please note: I am not a scientist or a cosmetologist. I am a journalist. I will be citing experts along the way as well as facts which can be found in many online sources. I will link to sources when it is relevant. Message me with issues and questions.


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